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Interview Tips

When interviewing, here are several tips to help you become successful in landing the job you want: #1: It’s not just about how smart you are If you ever wondered how an employer chooses from three people with identical resumes: … Read More »

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Article from FastCompany: Should You Hire for Skill or Spirit?

Trying to decide what kind of people you should hire? Check out this article from Fast Company for some insight. The original article can be found here. Should You Hire For Skill Or Spirit? Companies spend a huge amount of … Read More »

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Principal of TSI, Alan Shapiro, Quoted in Wall Street Journal

Check out this article in the Wall Street Journal about several employment issues featuring a quote from President/Principal of TSI, Alan Shapiro: Recruiters Circle Cisco Like Sharks Amid Job Cuts: By Joseph Walker Cisco Systems Inc.’s announcement last month that … Read More »

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