Services Provided by Technology Search International

  • Direct Placement
  • Retained Search
  • Managed Onsite Staffing
  • Contract Placement Services
  • Consulting/Training

How we can help you:

  • We have the resources and experience to understand your requirements and be flexible in helping you.
  • In depth research, through the use of Advanced Boolean Search Techniques, allows for the opportunity to identify, recruit, and qualify the best candidates.
  • Establishing long term relationships; the cornerstone of our business.


“Since joining Omneon (now Harmonic), Alan and his team have consistently delivered the very best engineering talent and do it in a way that makes my job easy’ whether we’re hiring in development or QA, managers or individual contributors, I consider Alan one of my most effective partners in this industry.”

Amit Bothra, Senior Engineering Director, Harmonic Inc (formerly Omneon)

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alan for the better part of 15 years and he has always been someone whose advice and expertise are truly attributes I admire”

Adrian Caceres, Founder, early stage Silicon Valley Cloud Startup

“Alan placed me at Silicon Graphics, NeXT Computer and Microsoft, among others and has made my job as an Engineering Exec seamless when it comes to finding the best engineering talent available”

Ben Fathi, VP Engineering, VMware; Former VP, Cisco, Microsoft

“I first started hiring engineers through Alan at Rhapsody Networks; this continued through Brocade and now at StorSimple; Great recruiter, one of the industry’s finest!”

Guru Pangal, President, StorSimple; Former VPE, Brocade

“I was introduced to Alan in recent years by someone I trust completely, who told me that I should work with him if I needed a dedicated and committed search professional. Needless to say, my source was completely spot on and I plan on working together with him for years to come”

Greg Wade, VP Engineering, Quantum Corporation

“Alan has been my ‘Go To’ guy for more than 20 years. Whether it’s helping me on my own job search, identifying and placing top tier engineering talent, or just discussing different strategies as it relates to staffing, he’s second to none.”

Jeff Tofano, CTO, Sepaton

“Alan has placed me on more than one occasion and now recruits top engineering talent for me. He’s reliable, consistent and works in an effective, communicative manner”

Ramesh Balan, VP Engineering, Exablox

“I first met Alan while heading up the NetCache division at Netapp, worked with him again at Akamai, where he staffed the original West Coast engineering team and now have continued success working with his team at my latest venture. Whatever types of people for which I’m in need, Alan has an uncanny way of finding them”

Peter Danzig, CTO/Founder, Virtuata

“TSI's broad range of expertise spans systems software, embedded systems, graphics and gaming. I use them for any and all searches technical and they have consistently delivered strong candidates.”

Howard Cheng, VP of R&D, Nintendo Technology Development

“Not only has TSI successfully placed top high tech professionals at Smapper, but their experience and insights have allowed us to brainstorm about hiring strategies, processes, negotiations and the like. It’s a relationship I hope to continue for years to come.”

Gabe Gotthard, Former CEO, Smapper Inc.

“TSI has consistently helped BlueArc/Hitachi grow a top tier engineering team without exception. Alan’s more than just a vendor; he’s a technology and staffing partner, who works effectively with Executive/Engineering Management, Human Resources and Staffing in an effort to help us grow with the right mix of talent.”

Carlo Garbagnati, VP of Engineering, Hitachi Data Systems

“I’ve worked with Alan and TSI in an effort to build a world-class engineering organization. His company has the experience and know-how to identify, source, recruit and ultimately place some of the finest engineering talent in the industry. I look forward to doing business with TSI again and again.”

Mark D'Apice, VP, Engineering, Dell Computers