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TSI offers you:

  • Job search capabilities for full time and contract positions
  • Career coaching and support
  • Intimate and timely knowledge about individual employers, emerging industry trends, and overall market conditions
  • Resume review
  • Confidentiality

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“Alan and his team were highly successful placing exceptional Engineering Talent, while I managed SGI’s Time Warner Orlando ITV project. His team makes and honors that commitment to excellence.”

Ed Sesek, Silicon Valley Engineering Executive

“I enjoy working with Alan and his team at TSI; they understand our requirements and send us only those candidates best suited for Quantum.”

Rick Powell, Talent Architect, Quantum Corporation

“TSI knows the software engineering business. Alan and his team have the ability to identify and assist in finding top tier talent in our industry. Geography has no limitations for TSI. They have focus, persistence and deliver excellent results.”

Ken Hibbard, VP Engineering, Netapp